There comes a moment in a man’s life when he suddenly understands that he is no longer the young guy that his mind still thinks he is.

My moment happened a couple of years ago at the barbershop, shortly after turning forty.


A black cape was draped over me, and as my hair was cut, I noticed that every single hair falling on to it was white. There were no dark hairs at all. Just white, like my grandfather’s hair had been.

Then the barber leaned in and asked Would you like me to do your eyebrows?

I hasten to add that my eyebrows are not white, they have retained their original dark colour. However, they have mysteriously started to grow bushier.

I answered Yes please and then sat very still as she trimmed by eyebrows with a comb and the clippers.

There’s no going back; my eyebrows get trimmed every time I have a haircut now.

So, with grey hair and eyebrows that need trimming, can I refer to myself as a highbrow silver fox?


Perhaps that would be too presumptuous…

I guess highbrow will do for now.

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