Shed Makeover


When we moved into our home there was a large shed in the garden.


We filled it with the usual junk: plastic chairs, a barbecue, empty boxes, a lawnmower, kids’ bikes, random tools.


Very quickly we realised that our young children were in need of an outside play space; not just a place to store their growing collection of toys, but also somewhere they could play safely, in a space they could call their own.

So, I started by repainting the outside of the doors a bright colour.


Then I cleared out the shed and set about transforming it into a child-friendly play space.

I sourced unwanted furniture from Freecycle, such as a children’s table and chairs set, and some old shelving units which I repainted white.


The shed was already looking more like a play room, but I decided to add some colour to the inside walls.


Friends very kindly gave us toys that their children no longer played with, so the shed quickly transformed into a fun space.


I painted the outside of the shed, too, which made it look completely different.


We hung up a couple of used piƱata decorations, leftover from a birthday party.


This was the end result: a fun-filled play space, where our children’s imaginations could run wild!


At least, that was how it looked a couple of years ago. Since then, the space has evolved as our children have grown older; different toys have come and gone, and furniture has shifted around.


However, it remains a fun space for them where they can hang out and play…


…even if the Daleks have invaded!


Comments are welcome!

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