No Mo’ NaNoWriMo

So NaNoWriMo 2017 has officially ended. As I declared here, this was my first ever attempt at participating.

So, how did you get on?

I finished at just under 25,000 words…so not even close to the target of 50,000.

You failed, then?

No, I’m not calling it a failure! I still wrote 25,000 words, which is more than I have ever written before on a work of fiction.

Is your story finished?

Nope, not finished. I am going to spend the next few months working on it, writing more, and then editing what I have already written. The story and the characters are still in my head, so I’m determined to write it all down, now that I’ve already got this far.

this was my view during NaNoWriMo

What’s it about?

A chef who collaborates with an artist.

Sounds a bit boring to me.

It’s a comedy, so hopefully it’s not boring. I have made myself laugh out loud writing it.

That’s not saying much, is it?

Oh go away, and leave me alone. I can’t stay here chatting to you when there’s writing to be done.

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