My 1980’s Vinyl Singles

As a 1980’s teenager, I bought 7 inch vinyl singles between 1987 and 1989. Here are some of the ones that survived growing up and moving house; there were many more that have been lost, given away, or sold. Plus, a bonus record from 1990!

Pet Shop Boys What have I done to deserve this? always on my mind

Not much to say about these, except, absolute classics. I remain a huge PSB fan.

Michael Jackson Leave Me Alone & I Want You Back


Bad was one of the first albums I ever owned (on cassette, of course) and at the time, Leave Me Alone was only available on the CD version, so I had no choice but to buy this single. For some unknown reason, I want you back was remixed and released that year. It wasn’t very good.

1987: a-ha, Belinda Carlisle, Fleetwood Mac, Bee Gees


Not sure what to say about these except: mixed bag.

Holly Johnson, Americanos 


Little did I know, but decades later I would actually become an American. This record sleeve is permanently on display in our home, propped up on a bookshelf, a reminder that fate is full of surprises.

Living in a Box, blow the house down


Could a record sleeve be any more 80’s? I mean, look at it! Also, the b-side was called dance the mayonnaise. What?

Here’s the video, in all it’s 80’s glory:

Finally, the one from 1990… Candy Flip, Strawberry Fields Forever


Yes, a Beatles cover, with trippy funky drummer sample. I LOVED IT. Here’s the video for your enjoyment.

Click here for the albums I listened to when I was growing up.

More 1980s vintage vinyl: Chaka Khan Grease Rufus & Chaka Khan Terence Trent D’Arby Lionel Richie Wham! Sade Madonna Eurythmics more Eurythmics Thompson Twins 1981 dance compilation Duran Duran

26 thoughts on “My 1980’s Vinyl Singles

    1. I also have my sister’s vinyl collection (she doesn’t have a record player) and the Bangles feature there…alongside Bananarama, Kylie, and Jason. Perhaps I should do another post about those… Glad you liked Candy Flip! Some people say they think it’s better than the original!

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