My Sister’s 1980’s Vinyl Singles

I raided my vinyl collection the other day to show some of my 1980’s singles, and now it’s my sister’s turn!

She gave me all these last year, because she doesn’t have a record player…

Novelty Records


These were singles released in aid of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, the first by Mel Smith and Kim Wilde, the other by Bananarama and French & Saunders (under the guise of LaNaNeeNeeNooNoo). I must own up to listening to Help!, I have always been a big French & Saunders fan.


Another novelty record, this time a spoof of the Beastie Boys. Truly terrible.

Eternal Flame


Now this is more like it, an actual classic record! The Bangles were awesome.

The Stock, Aitken & Waterman Years


Yes, its Bananarama again, along with Kylie and Jason… who were inescapable back then.



None of these were really my cup of tea. I was too busy listening to the Pet Shop Boys.

Did you own any of these?

7 thoughts on “My Sister’s 1980’s Vinyl Singles

  1. Oh my God- I had that Help vinyl! And the Bangles and Kylie & Jason. And I absolutely loved the Stutter Rap. I had it on my Now That’s What I Call Music 11 compilation, so didn’t need to buy the single. Love seeing all those old vinyl sleeves. By the way, I read your About page and are you from Oxford?


    1. Hello! Yes, I live just outside Oxford. I used to have NOW tapes, I think I had 10 through 16 and then lost interest…and I think they eventually got thrown away. I think the only tape I actually kept was ABBAeque by Erasure, it must be in this house somewhere…(not that I have anything to actually play it on)

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