My Dirty Laundry

Every now and then I see What I Wore Today or My Week In Fashion features, and I think to myself, are they for real? Is that what they actually wore?

So, as an antidote to that, here’s a truthful representation of what I (a forty-three year old man) wore this week…all in a big, dirty pile, because, y’know, now I have to wash it all.

My pile of dirty laundry. I like to air it in public. 

And just for good measure, a snapshot of my footwear. I’m proud of this shit.





2 thoughts on “My Dirty Laundry

  1. While the clothing is probably typical of many fellas non-work wear, the standouts are the the colorful athletic shoes and the “I dig the Pig” t-shirt. My impression would be that you would not be a run of the mill type of thinker and have a sense of humor and positive outlook on life. These are qualities that I look for in people to approach when I go to the video store and have no idea what I want to rent as they usually have great movie recommendations.

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