Music Monday: my top ten George Michael songs

I didn’t really become a proper fan of George Michael until Fastlove was released in 1996; I obsessed over that song, I had the CD single with the remixes and thought it was one of the best songs ever.


I’d previously dipped my toe into his musical waters, by buying the Freedom 90 and Heal the Pain singles from Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, but strangely didn’t buy the album at the time.

I loved Too Funky and bought the Red Hot + Dance album just to have his other songs on there. Then, later on, I had his Ladies & Gentlemen compilation and started to look back over his career, and retrospectively got my hands on a copies of Faith, Older and, of course, Listen Without Prejudice.

So, anyway, in no particular order, here are my favourite George Michael songs.

Freedom 90


Waiting for the Day


Shoot the Dog

Flawless (go to the city)


Too Funky

Everything She Wants

A Different Corner

I know you might disagree with my choices – Shoot the Dog but no Faith?! – but these are the George Michael songs that I listen to the most… comments are welcome below!

3 thoughts on “Music Monday: my top ten George Michael songs

  1. Weirdly, this is another planned posts of mine! So you can see my choices then. Listen Without Prejudice is one of my favourite albums, so no doubt I’ll have lots from that album in my top 10. Your choices are all great though. I do love a but of George me.

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