I Know Why The Caged Bird… Became A Japanese Horror Story

You think school pets are cute and harmless? Think again.

One of the primary schools I taught at in Japan had a cage with two small, colourful birds in it, as pets.

One morning, as I arrived at the classroom, ready to teach a fun phonics lesson, all the children were noisily huddled around the birdcage.

I wandered over to take a look. What was the cause of such excitement?

Image: Pixabay

One bird was sitting happily on its perch, as normal.

The other bird was lifeless on the floor of the cage. It didn’t have a head.

There could be only one conclusion: the other bird had pecked it to death and eaten the head.

Even now, I cannot tell this story without tears streaming down my face.

Tears of laughter, that is.


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