Going, Going, Gone! Auctioning off my stuff like Russell Crowe

Have you seen that Russell Crowe is auctioning off his possessions? If he can sell his second hand stuff at Sotherby’s then why can’t I?

This got me thinking; if I needed to raise some cash, which of my possessions would I put up for auction?

I’m not saying that you would want to buy these things, but you never know…

Dirty Underwear


Any takers? No?

Dr Who toy


Neither rare nor collectible, but you know you want it.

A single shoe


We lost the other one.

Unopened box of condoms


The perfect emergency birthday gift for a colleague.

Shrunken, dirty and stained child’s apron


A rare, collector’s item. One size fits no-one.

Good luck, Russell Crowe, but I don’t want to buy any of your used things. Put your stuff on ebay like everyone else.

7 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone! Auctioning off my stuff like Russell Crowe

  1. LOL. You just never know what people will buy on Ebay. Had not heard that about Russell Crowe. Unless it is high valued or something of historical value, would think he could get more money for his stuff on Ebay.

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