Moonwalker: my kids’ reactions

Today, my two sons watched Moonwalker for the first time. Below are their reactions as they watched the movie. They are 7 and 5 years old.


Who’s that person?

Why are they doing that to that lady?

Are they zombies?

How did she disappear?

That man looks like a lady.

That’s that lady when she was a little boy.

She can go in newspapers and magazines? That’s impossible!

There’s a dog-man!

That’s a brain!

A goat with two heads!

A monkey in pyjamas! What?

Is this in episodes? Is there another song? Or is it the same one again?

Daddy, who’s this guy?

That sign said Keep Out. Maybe they got lost.

Where are they? They might be in the Cave of Wonders.

That’s bad. That’s so bad.

The car was actually Michael.


I don’t know what’s happening.

What’s happening to her face?

That girl’s turning into a robot.

Michael turned into a spaceship.

He’s going to shoot a torpedo.

Daddy, is this the end?

I like it!


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