Smash Hits 1990: a charity shop purchase

Read on to find out more about this slice of pop music nostalgia!


30 Sizzling Hits INCLUDING…

Betty Boo, Monie Love, Blue Pearl, The Farm, Soup Dragons, Sonia, Partners in Kryme, Bombalurina, Sinead O’Connor, Technotronic, Snap, Paula Abdul, MC Hammer, Beats International, Bell Biv Devoe, Craig McLaughlin… and loads more. 

I mean, how could I resist? All this for only 20p. Yes, 20p! It’s probably the cheapest nostalgia trip known to humankind.

(OK, I could do without  Sonia and Bombalurina, but for 20p, I really can’t complain).

It’s not a NOW compilation, but, oh lordy, it could have been. I haven’t even told you who else is on here, have I?

Kylie Minogue, Halo James, Erasure, Lonnie Gordon, Jason Donovan, Go West, Depeche Mode, Happy Mondays, MC Tunes Vs 808 State, Inspiral Carpets, Candy Flip, The Beloved, Lindy Layton, and… The Chimes. 

OK, yes, an eclectic mix, and there are certainly some duds on here, but they are very clearly outweighed by all the classic tunes.

I can safely say that buying this CD was the best 20p I have ever spent. And that includes paying 20p to use a public toilet, during a bladder emergency.

5 thoughts on “Smash Hits 1990: a charity shop purchase

  1. Got to love thrift store gems and this one sounds awesome! Do they charge people to use public toilets in the UK everywhere or just certain places? When I was a kid most department stores charges a dime (but my Mom always made us crawl under the door).

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