Fun Friday #4: The Book Group

Continuing the series of sharing my favourite comedy shows. This week is the turn of a long-forgotten hidden gem from 2002, The Book Group.


Odds are that you’ve never seen or even heard of The Book Group, which is such a shame, because it is one of the funniest things you’re likely to see.

Set in Scotland, it revolves around Claire, an American who had just moved to Glasgow. In a desperate attempt to make new friends, she forms a book group. However, the people who come along are most definitely not the sort of friends that Claire is seeking.

Among them is Janice, a bored footballer’s wife with journalistic ambitions, played by the marvelous Michelle Gomez (who is, incidentally, in another favourite TV show of mine, Green Wing).


There’s also Kenny, trying to write his first novel, and Rab, a closet gay guy trying to conceal his homosexuality by hanging out with footballers.

Want to check it out? It’s available to watch on demand on Channel 4!

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