Creative Parenting: cardboard castle

What do you do on another rainy Sunday?

I handed my kids empty boxes, scissors, tape, a make-your-own-castle book I’d found in a Little Free Library, and set them to work.

This is what they came up with: a home for their Zomblings, SuperZings and Smashers.


I knew the make-your-own-castle book would be too hard for them, so I let them cut it up and use it however they wanted.


I helped them with some of the cutting out, but otherwise they got on with it by themselves.


They have been collecting Zomblings, SuperZings and Smashers lately, and were very excited to create a place for them to live.


I’ve written before about making stuff out of junk with your kids, and this is another prime example. Let their imaginations run wild; you never know what they will come up with!


I wrote another piece about making stuff with your kids on This Dad Can. Check it out!


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