Music Monday: Scissor Sisters

I have a soft spot for the Scissor Sisters. I especially like their 2010 album Night Work.


Yes, it’s very, very gay (not that it matters, but I’m not gay, by the way, in case you were wondering) and I’m sure the album cover scared a lot of people away, which is a shame, because the music is very, very good.

This is my kind of music; you know, dark yet neon-lit, thumping synth pop that takes you by the hand onto some sweaty, heaving dance floor, where at any moment the DJ could put on West End Girls, Tainted Love, I Feel Love, or Blue Monday.

Invisible Light

I cannot tell you how much I love this song. Pitchfork sums this up best: the epic “Invisible Light” does for gay clubs what “Thriller” did for horror movies, right on down to Sir Ian McKellan turning up for a Vincent Price-esque monologue like some kind of Italo-disco wizard. 

I’ll leave you with another album highlight, this song about safe-sex and intimacy.

Skin Tight

Stream the album below:

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