Creative Parenting: robots!


Another rainy day stuck inside with the kids.

Time to dig out those art supplies!


Take some paint pots and paint brushes…


….a few small art canvases from Poundland…


….a couple of metallic paints…


…a set of marker pens…


…and finally, some free robot pictures printed out from the internet, for inspiration.

And what do these things make?


Some cool robot paintings to hang in the children’s bedroom!

How we did it*

  1. Paint the canvases with some silver paint, and let them dry.
  2. With marker pens, draw robots on the dried paint. We copied pictures to make it easier, but you could draw whatever design you like.
  3. Paint over the design with silver glitter paint, and leave to dry.

*I don’t think anyone actually needs instructions on how to paint with your kids; just do whatever you like!

2 thoughts on “Creative Parenting: robots!

  1. They both did a great job! I can tell by looking at them which printout they got their inspiration from and each made it their own, with the one on the left being more artsy and abstract and the right one being more detailed with extra embellishments like the tiny guy escaping from the head with a knotted rope.

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