Classics from my childhood


Did you read any of these when you were a child?

I have fond memories of snuggling up on my parents’ bed while my mother read these to me. When I was a bit older, I read them by myself.

My parents had kept a box full of my childhood things, and these books were in there. My name is still scrawled on the inside of each one.

I hadn’t realised they they weren’t the original novels; they’d been rewritten for a younger audience.

These weren’t my favourite childhood books, but I read them again and again.

Now I want to reread them as an adult, to see how they hold up. What I should do, I suppose, is read them alongside the original classics, to see just how different they were.

Who wants to join me in Tom Sawyer’s America, and go on adventures with Huckleberry Finn?


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