Opening Up About Mental Health

As this is Mental Health Awareness Week, I’m reblogging this post I’d previously written about my own struggles.



You may have seen lots of articles lately promoting mental health awareness, wellbeing and mindfulness.

Mental health has also been highlighted in the media recently, especially when it comes to encouraging men to talk about their mental health.

There needn’t be any stigma about it, but it can be difficult to start the conversation.

So, in the spirit of being open about mindfulness and mental health, I’m going to share something from my life.

My best mate was killed in a car crash ten years ago, and it had a devastating effect on me.

It felt like half of my very being was ripped out, leaving a huge void. I lost confidence, my social skills diminished to almost nothing, and after sinking into a depression, I had no option but to seek out counseling.

img_3548.jpgNow, all these years later, 99.99% of the time I am absolutely fine.

However, I continue…

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  1. So sorry for your loss. The death of anyone you care about is devastating, but even so much more so when it is sudden and unexpected and glad that you had the strength to seek out counseling.


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