My Kids’ Favourite Books

I have two boys, age 5 and 7. Here are their top ten current favourite books, as chosen by them.

First up, the 7 year old’s choices…

Supertato by Sue Hendra


A funny superhero tale with a twist. This adventure takes place in a supermarket, and the superhero is a potato, battling against his enemy, the Evil Pea. Endlessly entertaining.

The Usborne Big Book of Big Monsters by Louie Stowell 


Dragons and serpents, sea monsters, furry monsters, trolls, ogres and giants all feature in this gorgeous, richly illustrated book.

Lego Play Book: Ideas To Bring Your Bricks To Life


An official Lego book, bursting with ideas to inspire your creativity. I don’t think we have ever made anything from here, but my boys have spent hours gazing at all the pictures.

Lego Nexo Knights: The Book of Knights


This book has everything you ever needed to know about Nexo Knights but were afraid to ask.

First Big Book of Dinosaurs by Catherine D. Hughes & Franco Tempesta


Frankly, I’m surprised my son chose this as a favourite, because he only read it for the first time this week, despite it sitting on our bookshelves for years! The text is simple and clear enough that he can read all the words by himself, including the how-to-pronounce-dinosaur-names bits. Surprisingly engaging.

Next, the 5 year old’s choices…

Supertato Hap-pea Ever After by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet


Yes, more Supertato adventures fighting the Evil Pea. He’s a big hit in our house.

The Troll by Julia Donaldson & David Roberts


This has remained a favourite with my 5 year old for a long time, and it often makes an appearance before bedtime. A funny tale of a troll and a crazy crew of pirates.

Pirate Pete and his Smelly Feet by Lucy Rowland & Mark Chambers


The 5 year old is into pirates at the moment, so this book is never very far away.

Playschool Pirates by Ellie Wharton


See what I mean? He likes pirates. A lot. This book isn’t very interesting; it’s about two preschoolers who dress up as pirates.

Sam & Dave Dig A Hole by Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen


This is my personal favourite from this list. A beautifully illustrated story about two boys who dig a hole, deep underground, in their search to find something spectacular. A simple, wonderful story.

Have your kids read any of these? What are your kids currently reading? 

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