School Summer Holidays: six weeks of freedom!

Let me just say, that I didn’t enjoy school. Well, primary school was OK, but secondary school was awful

The best thing about school was, of course, the six weeks summer holiday.

It was a wonderful feeling, as the last day of school finished, knowing that I had those seemingly never-ending six weeks of freedom in front of me, full of promise and potential.

The school holidays are about to begin here, so I will be spending every day of the next six weeks with my own children. Thankfully, they are both happy at school, but like all children, they are very excited for the six weeks of freedom.


Now, of course, the summer holidays look very different from a parents’ point of view. Six weeks is an awfully long time to be at home with two children. How will I keep them occupied, I wonder?

The trick is to break those six weeks down; there is no way I can come up with six weeks’ worth of activities all at once.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I am not about to plan every moment of their summer; there is great value in allowing your kids to get bored and to find their own ways of occupying themselves.

However, one of my children responds better to structured activities, so I will have to have some things up my sleeve.

I have a list of ideas; mostly creative projects that will (hopefully) engage both the five-year-old and the eight-year-old.  My plan is to share on here, every day during the school holidays, the most successful activities that we do.

Wish me luck!

Comments are welcome!

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