Summer Holidays: camping in the rain

Read on to find out how we spent Day 2 and Day 3 of the school summer holidays. 

Friday: The kids were bouncing off the walls all morning.


Because we were going camping that afternoon, in the Cotswolds.


And you know what camping means, right? Toasting marshmallows!

The first day went to plan; we met our friends there, set up the tent, had a BBQ, toasted the marshmallows, and the kids had a bast.


Saturday: The UK has had a heatwave for, like, the past month, but everyone woke up this morning with an unfamiliar sensation; it was cold. It had also rained during the night, and more was forecast, including for the entirety of what was meant to be our second night at the camp. So, we made the decision to leave a day earlier than planned, to avoid taking down the tent in the rain.


Before that, though, the kids tired themselves out playing in the park and exploring the campsite while the sun shone.


It was a shame to cut our camping weekend short, but the kids had a great time regardless. They’re already asking when we can go again…

Where we stayed: Far Peak

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