Summer Holidays: Back To Nature

I am not the best parent when it comes to teaching my children about nature.


Doing creative stuff? Yes.

Building Lego? Yes.

Cooking? Yes.

Being at one with nature? Not so much, except growing simple stuff in the garden, walking through woods, and the occasional camping trip.

This week, though, during our family holiday to Wales, we spent a whole day getting back to nature.



That’s what kids like, right?

So we went to The Bug Farm, and it didn’t disappoint.


There were nature trails to follow, outdoor and indoor play areas, an art gallery, and different gardens.

green bean stick insect

There were live specimens in the Tropical Bug Zoo, and a Bug Museum where you can learn all about these mini-beasts and creepy crawlies.


There was also a cafe where you can eat some of these bugs.

Yes, that’s right. We sampled meal worms, which were surprisingly tasty. (Don’t worry, they were very dead and dried. They tasted a bit like salty crisps).


After a busy few hours playing and exploring at The Bug Farm, we drove to a nearby quay to try our hand at crabbing.


Armed with a crab line, a crab net, a crab bucket and some bacon, we quickly caught a bucket full of crabs, before returning them safely and unharmed back into the water.


And what did we do after all this bug hunting and crabbing? Scoffed down an ice cream, of course, from a new ice cream parlour on a farm, made from the milk that their cows produce. Yum.



Link to The Bug Farm here and Pointz Castle Ice Cream here.

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