Creative Parenting: dinosaur eggs

Another day in the summer holidays. How many more are there?

I kept my kids busy with papier-mâché, which took us three days from start to finish.


What are these strange, multi-coloured creations, I hear you ask?

They’re dinosaur eggs, obviously!

Made from newspaper, flour, water, 3 balloons and paint.


Yes, it got messy. Yes the kids got a bit bored half way through the sticking-newspaper-onto-the-balloons bit. Yes it was a pain to clean up.

But they loved the painting part, and the best bit was popping the balloons inside when we’d finished.


How to make the glue: mix one part flour with one part water. Easy!

Stick the strips of newspaper onto the balloon, about three layers is good.

Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Paint and leave to dry.

Pop the balloon inside.

Would I do this again? Yes, but probably not until next year…

7 thoughts on “Creative Parenting: dinosaur eggs

  1. Although messy, it is a lot of fun. When I was younger I made an Octopus, adding legs by rolling up a sheet of newspaper in art class then painted the whole thing purple with big eyes. While it looks a little rough up close, it was visually appealing for “Back To School” night hanging from the ceiling.

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