I’m escaping the parent trap!

In June, I wrote this post called Escaping The Parent Trap complaining about how hard it is for parents to find jobs that fit in with school hours and school holidays.

Well, dear reader, I really have managed to finally escape the parent trap.

What do I mean by the parent trap? I’ve been the stay-at-home-parent ever since our first child was born 8 years ago, juggling staying at home with trying to work part-time, while my wife works full-time. The parent trap refers to being chained to the school gates; it is very difficult to find part-time jobs that accommodate school hours and school holidays.


However, I have found a new job. A job that allows me to still do most of the school drop offs and pick ups, and I can be at home during all the school holidays. I feel like I have found the Holy Grail.

Next month, I start my new job as a Teaching Assistant in a college, helping teenagers who are working towards vocational qualifications.

I’m more than ready for the new challenge… and the job that fits in better with my family.


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