Creative Parenting: a toilet paper castle

Yes, really.

I made a castle out of toilet paper.

Not used toilet paper, you understand. That would be disgusting.

No, I’m talking about fresh, clean toilet paper, of course.

Like this.


That’s right, just some plain toilet paper. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy.

Oh, and you also need some empty toilet rolls, one paper cup, and some tape.

Assemble them together like this.


I know it doesn’t look like a castle yet, but stay with me…

Roll up some paper to make cones. Stick the cones on the turrets.


Next make some some glue mixture, using this ratio: 2 parts PVA glue to 1 part water.

Use the glue to stick 3 layers of toilet paper around the structure. You know, like paper mache. This gets messy. Let the layers dry for at least 24 hours.


Eventually, when all the layers are dry, it should look something like this…


OK, OK, I can see you are still not convinced by this.


But look what happens when you paint it, and add some details.


It turns into a fantasy castle!

Yes, these colours are a bit garish, and the glitter paint doesn’t really show up in these photos, but trust me, it looks better in real life (honestly).


Inspiration came from this book, Art Attack, which was originally a 1990’s British children’s TV show.


Ours doesn’t look quite like the picture…but my son had fun painting it!


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