What did you read in January?

These are all the books I read in January. What did you read this month?

Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy by Chuck Wendig

Yes, I read a whole trilogy in a couple of weeks. I had never read any Star Wars novels before, and wouldn’t have picked these up in the library, but they were given to me as a birthday gift. They were surprisingly good; great characters (both new and familiar), lots of action and a fast-paced plot. The story takes place after the Rebel Alliance destroyed the second Death Star during the battle of Endor (i.e. The Return of The Jedi). We catch up with Mon Mothma, Leia, Han, Chewbacca and Admiral Ackbar, and are introduced to lots of new characters, who are cleverly woven into already familiar contexts. Highly recommended!

This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay


I stormed through this in just two days; it really is that good. Laugh out loud moments on almost every page, along with sobering commentary on the state of the NHS. A must-read; this has been at the top of the Sunday Times Bestseller list for almost a whole year with very good reason.

The King’s Speech by Mark Logue & Peter Conrad

the kings speech

I already knew the story after watching the (very good) movie, so there were no real surprises here. The book delves deeper into Lionel Logue’s background, explaining how he ended up in London after leaving his native Australia, and how he serendipitously became the King’s speech therapist. If you’re looking for a critical analysis of the British monarchy, this is not the book for you; at times the sycophancy is slightly sickening.

Becoming by Michelle Obama


One of the most fascinating, well-written memoirs I have ever read. I particularly enjoyed Michelle’s tales of her early years growing up in Chicago (partly, I think, because I used to live near there, so I could picture the places she talks about) but wanted to skip through the chapters about how she met Barack and their romance, no matter how well written it is. For me the most interesting section is when she and Barack start on the political path that inevitably leads to the White House and the world stage. Go read it now!

What did you read this month?

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2 thoughts on “What did you read in January?

  1. I haven’t read any books so far this year! I spend so much time reading blog that I follow, that I don’t get time to read books anymore… So I wait for bloggers to write book reviews instead, waiting for that book I won’t be able to resist!

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