Back to the 1980s with my ZX Spectrum

spectrum and games

Inspired by Marie Kondo, I embarked on a mission to sort out the garage. But I got seriously distracted when I found a plastic box containing a relic from  my childhood: my ZX Spectrum!


I had this for Christmas in ’84 or ’85. Check out this TV ad!

spectrum guide

I had a lot of games and it looks like I kept them all! Do you remember any of these?

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I spent way too many hours in my bedroom playing these games.

Out Run

Out Run, Pippo, and Rock Star Ate My Hamster were favourites.


Horace Goes Skiing was a classic of its time, but of course like all these games, it is horribly dated now. Take a look at it below…

spectrum set up

Did you have a Spectrum? Which games were you addicted to?

I couldn’t stop playing Bombjack!

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