Creative Parenting: a paper mache castle

I see you’ve been attempting paper-mache again.

Yes, I have.

Another homework project was it?

No, it wasn’t, actually.

What on earth were you thinking?

I did it for fun.

For fun? What sort of geek makes paper mache for fun?

I guess a geek like me.

What did you make this time? A paper mache sofa? Or an actual paper mache house, for you to live in?

You’re just being silly now. Silly and insulting.

Sorry. Just tell us what you made. You know we’re all dying to know. 

I made a castle, of course. A castle for my kids to play with.

Another bloody castle? What is it with you and castles?

Castles are cool! Everyone knows that.

Well let’s get this over with. Go on, show us your castle…








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9 thoughts on “Creative Parenting: a paper mache castle

  1. Absolutely love it. The kids will get so much fun with this. I remember making papier mache tunnels for out kids train set. Nowhere near as fancy as your castle, but fun nevertheless.

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