Prefab Sprout: 5 of the best


There’s something heartbreaking about Prefab Sprout’s music.

The sweet september rain
Rain on me like no other
Until I drown, until I drown

Sometimes it sounds as delicate as fine bone china; if you hold it too tightly it will shatter in your hands, it’s beauty slipping through your fingers like glistening shards of glass.

And sometimes the lyrics are incredibly relevant to 2019, despite being written in 1991.

Just when we thought the time was right for celebrating
With music of the spheres
What’s this another boat of fleeing refugees
On a sea of children’s tears

Sometimes it sounds so clear and bright and pure and uplifting.

The lead singer, Paddy McAloon, has somehow morphed into Santa Claus’ wizard cousin, but no matter.

Here are five of my favourite Prefab Sprout songs.

Do these evoke any memories for you?

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