Kidz Bop – blessing or curse?

Have you succumbed to the Kidz Bop phenomenon yet?


If you have young children then you’ve probably surrendered yourselves to Kids Bop, and the special blend of torture and amusement they bring, in equal measure.

On the plus side, they provide child-friendly covers of popular songs, omitting the potentially offensive words.

Exhibit A: Thank U, Next

On the negative side, their versions are, well, a bit… annoying.

Exhibit B: Nothing Breaks Like A Heart

Kidz Bop reminds me of that long-lost 1980s TV show Mini Pops:

If you’re so inclined, Kidz Bop are on tour and performing in London this month.

Personally, I’d like to see Kidz Bop sing a version of this gem from 2004…

What explicit songs would you like to see them cover? Anything by Lil’ Kim would be interesting…

Comments are welcome!

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