The Beach: crowds, traffic, & sickness

A beautiful tale of traffic congestion, road construction, full car parks, and a surprise bout of sickness…

Let’s go the beach on Saturday during the Easter weekend, I said.


We didn’t know there would be roadworks and congestion, so it took three hours to get there.

Then, the car park at our favourite beach was full.

We drove round and round until we saw a roadside parking space at a picnic spot, overlooking a harbour.


We parked for an hour, and ate our picnic lunch under the shade of a tree.

There were no toilets, so we had to pee under a tree, and then drove around in search of a parking space near a beach, any beach.

We joined a slow, never-ending queue for the multistory car park, but decided to turn around.

Across the street, a parking space miraculously opened up just as we approached; a true Easter miracle.

We parked the car and spent the afternoon on the beach.


Yes, it was crowded.

Yes, it had been stressful getting there.

No, it wasn’t our favourite beach.

But the kids were happy.


Then at midnight one of them threw up in bed.

Happy Easter.

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