Reading graphic novels for the first time

Until this weekend I was a graphic novel virgin.

Hard to believe, I know, but true.

It was time to pop this particular cherry, so I grabbed a selection from the library to bring with me on holiday.

This weekend I read this eclectic selection.


Pride of Baghdad

Based on a true story, this tells the tale of lions that escaped from Baghdad zoo during bombing in 2003. Widely considered to be a modern classic, so perhaps other graphic novels will pale in comparison. I loved it.

Star Trek: Alien Spotlight Volume 1

Thanks to Star Trek: Discovery, I have become something of a Star Trek fan, but have not watched any of the other TV series. As the title suggests, this book highlights some of the alien species from the Star Trek universe.

The Life of Julius Caesar

If you’re being picky, I suppose this is not a graphic novel, but rather graphic non-fiction. This book is aimed at young adults, and is packed full of historical facts. I learned more about Julius Caesar than I ever thought possible!

 Prince of Persia

A confession; I’ve never played the Prince of Persia computer game. Nor have I ever seen the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. I picked this book up because it looked cool. Apparently this is some kind of origin story; an origin story to a game I’ve never played. Without knowing the game, this is still a compelling story that held my interest and is strong enough to stand alone as its own piece of work.

As a graphic novel novice, let me know your recommendations below!

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