June Reading List

Here are the books I’ve been reading in June.

Have you read any of these?

The Last Wild by Piers Torday


A fantastic children’s book, about a boy who can’t speak but discovers he can have conversations with animals. He sets off on a mission to save the last animals left alive after a devastating virus sweeps across the world.

House of Windows by Alexia Casale


A YA novel about a teenage maths genius, Nick, who goes to Cambridge University when he’s only 15 years old. Follow his story as he tries to make friends and navigate the alien academic word of Cambridge.

I tried to stick with this, but admit that I gave up a third of the way through. I just didn’t like any of the characters enough to continue.

Becoming Drusilla by Richard Beard


What a remarkable book, about the complex journey of transitioning from male to female, as seen through the eyes of one of your best mates. Richard talks to his mate, Dru, as she leaves her male identity behind; can their friendship remain intact?

I will now seek out more of Richard Beard’s work.

Le Freak by Nile Rodgers


Nile Rodgers has led quite a life; read about all the highs and lows, his rise to stardom and stellar musical successes. Very entertaining!

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