We all live in a Yellow Submarine…

Not the Beatles song!


Yellow Submarine is an Oxfordshire-based charity, and today my colleagues and I went to help out!

Here’s our team at the start of the day… and yes, I am in the middle of eating a pain au chocolat, thank you very much.


Yellow Submarine has a cafe and offices and hub in central Oxford.

We were tasked with putting together an Ikea kitchen unit and to refresh their office space.


Yes, that’s me struggling with the Ikea instructions…


We got there in the end though…


Voila! A brand new kitchen unit and spashback panel. Let’s get the partea started indeed!

So what does Yellow Submarine do?

We tackle the problem that many people with learning disabilities leave school with limited life skills and as a result poor life chances. This often leads to isolation and being marginalised. Our projects start working with young people in community settings from the age of 11 onwards, to build their social skills, confidence, independence and ultimately their employability. At the same time we are supporting families and carers with respite.

They are an award-winning charity that makes a huge difference to young people with learning difficulties and autism.

Learn more about Yellow Submarine by visiting their website and watching the video below.


Our team after a satisfying day volunteering with Yellow Submarine.

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