Supportive Swearing!

What have I learned from my first year working as a Learning Support Assistant?

I work as an LSA with teenagers in a vocational college.

All of them have challenges to overcome.

All of them are unique.

All of them are to be valued.

But what have I learned?

I’ve learned that being a teenager today is tough.

I’ve learned that resilience and patience can’t be valued enough.

I’ve learned that working as part of a strong, supportive team makes all the difference.

The best part of my job, though, is that in our office the greeting go fuck yourself is a genuine term of endearment among my colleagues.

Image: Time

We have a strong sense of humour, which helps us to combat the stress we face everyday, and this humour keeps us sane. I wouldn’t swap a daily dose of go fuck yourself  for anything,

And swearing is scientifically proven to help people deal with stress.

So, go fuck yourself on a daily basis.

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