When is a telephone box not a telephone box?

I’ve talked before about how I run a book exchange, called a Little Free Library, in my community.


Its a small box where people can give and take books, at no cost.

We set it up four years go, by applying for a grant from our local authority.

It has been incredibly popular, and now we need a bigger one to handle the volume of books that pass through it!

I’ve been working with the Parish Council to see if we can adapt this disused telephone box into another Little Free Library.


I have seen similar projects in other places, such as this one on a camp site in Dorset.


Admittedly, the traditional red phone box looks much nicer than our more modern one, but hopefully with a bit of paint, bespoke shelving and some imagination we can make it look a lot better.


Anyway, watch this space to see if we get the go ahead for this village project…

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