Divorced. Beheaded. Live!

Last night I went to the theatre (thank you, wife, for the ticket) to see a musical about Henry VIII’s six wives.

You know how that rhyme goes, Divorced. Beheaded. Died. Divorced. Beheaded. Survived.

It was a lot more fun than you might imagine!

It mixes humour, history and herstory to reveal more about the six women who were unfortunate enough to end up marrying Henry VIII.

The wives perform in turn, using their voices to sing about their experiences. The idea is to get beyond their ex-wife status and reveal more about who these women actually were.

All in a fun, musical way, of course, with plenty of sassy banter and feminist power.

The music is in the style of upbeat, catchy contemporary pop, with only one ballad thrown in for good measure. Can you guess who sings the saddest song? No, its not Anne Boleyn…

She performs a song called Don’t Lose Ur Head. Of course.

You can stream the songs on Spotify.


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