My Favourite Cookbooks #2

The Flexitarian Cookbook: adaptable recipes for part-time vegetarians and vegans


This caught my eye in the public library and I just had to borrow it.

You see, the word flexitarian sums me up perfectly.

I prepare most of my meals from scratch, and take my own food into work for lunch. My lunches are mostly vegan; a choice I have made partly based on wanting to eat more healthily, but also partly based on wanting to save money, too.

I have now exhausted my repertoire of mostly vegan curries and soups, and was ready for new ideas.

Well, this book has answered by foodie prayers.


OK, so my beetroot risotto didn’t quite look like the one in the book, but this cookbook has sparked a greater interest in exploring lentils as a meat substitute, and just trying new flavours.

I’m flexitarian, by the way, because although I am mostly vegan or vegetarian at work, I do make meat-based family meals at home.

Of course I do sneak in the odd vegetarian meals here and there; my six year old, much to my surprise, particularly liked a vegan chilli I made recently. So, there is hope yet for a food revolution in my house…

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