My Top Ten Blog Posts of 2019

I usually list the five most popular posts of each month, but what the heck, we’re at December, so here’s a run down of my top ten blog posts of 2019 from My Mashed Up Life. Click on the links to take a trip down memory lane…

10. My Top Five May Blog Posts. Looking back at May 2019…

9. The Baseballs. They’re a retro band, you know. Playing contemporary hits.

8. August Reading List. These were the books I read in the summer. Oh, the memories!

7. Creative Parenting: making a paper mache castle. Getting my hands dirty with glue and paper. Yum.

6. On The Cutting Room Floor: the story of my vasectomy. Thanks for the painful reminder, guys…

5. My Top Five January Blog Posts. Read what I had written way back in January.

4. Five Blogs to check out this Friday. Does what it says on the tin.

3. Climbing Masada at Sunrise. A post about one of my most memorable journeys, in Israel.

2. Patrick Wolf. Inexplicably popular post about a singer-songwriter that I don’t think anyone has heard of…

1. Naked In Japan. C’mon, now, are you really surprised that this is number one? It has naked in the title. And it has consistently been my most popular post of all time. Yes, of all time. So, take your clothes off and pretend you’re in Japan. Lovely…


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