Kids TV Shows That Need To Come Back

The BBC has just rebooted Crackerjack, which originally aired from 1955 until 1984.

I watched it with my kids on BBC iplayer this weekend, and it was pretty good! They loved the gunge and the custard pies, because, well, why wouldn’t they?

the new Crackerjack hosts: Sam and Mark

To be honest, my memories of the 1980’s run of Crackerjack are sketchy at best. I mostly remember Bazil Brush being annoying, and Stu Francis’ catchphrase “Ooh, I could crush a grape!”

Anyway, the new Crackerjack has got me thinking: which other old kids TV shows should come back for a new generation?

Here’s my wish list…


They’ve rebooted Ghostbusters, so why not this children’s sitcom about the capers of mischievous ghosts?

It ran from 1976 until 1984 on the BBC, and made me laugh a lot.

Button Moon

Why? Because it is so simple, and so lovely, and so innocent, and because why wouldn’t a wooden spoon want to go to the moon?

Grange Hill

This ran from 1978 until 2008, so it ended relatively recently, but still before my kids were born. We need decent dramas about school life.

Number 73

Not many people seem to remember this Saturday morning TV show, hosted by none other that the wonderful Sandi Toksvig. Now that she’s quit Bake Off, she should be available to reboot this!

Which kids TV shows from your own childhood would you like to see rebooted? Comment below!

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