The Anthology by Omar

My most favourite artist ever-of-all-time-in-the-whole-world Omar has only gone and released a best of compilation.


What are you waiting for…do yourself a favour and give it a spin!

This is what the reviewers are saying…

without doubt, one of the greatest soul music talents the United Kingdom has produced in the last 40 years

If you aren’t yet familiar, The Anthology showcases every element of the man’s talents. It’s a trip through the past, demonstrating that the man is as comfortable creating club classics like 2006’s “It’s So” as he is relaxing into the summery strains of 1985’s “There’s Nothing Like This.”

The Anthology expertly showcases Lye-Fook’s artistic versatility, from the rich orchestration on more traditional-sounding soul tracks like “Last Request” and “I Love Being With You,” to his more electronic and hip-hop focused numbers, like “I Don’t Mind Waiting,” “This Is Not A Love Song,” and the carnival-influenced underground UK club smash “Its So.””

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