Our New Little Free Library

Just in time to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday, we have launched a new book exchange in our village!

Five years ago we opened this Little Free Library by our home. It became more popular than we ever imagined, and is much loved by the community.


It is a way to exchange unwanted books; people can give or take used books whenever they like.

A local group very kindly offered to fundraise to pay for a bigger Little Free Library, and so working with the Parish Council, we decided to convert a disused telephone box in our village.


This phone box had sat empty for a few years after the telephone was removed by the communications company. The Parish Council had been wondering what to do with it; the plan was to remove it and throw it away.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen, and we began to transform it into a Little Free Library.


Everything was removed and shelves were installed.

phone box side

New vinyl graphics were used to decorate the outside and to hide the old telephone logos.


So now it looks like this…


And it is full of books ready for World Book Day tomorrow!

book shelves

I have a small team of volunteers helping me to look after this project. Hopefully it will prove to be just as popular and successful as our original Little Free Library!

If you are ever in the area, we are located in Freeland, Oxfordshire in the UK.


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