Twenty Albums in Twenty Days: Day Four

OK, OK, I’ve been doing this Twenty Albums in Twenty Days thing on Facebook, but I figured, what the hell, we’re in lockdown so I might as well share those albums on here, too.

I mean, now is as good a time as any to listen to music, right?

We have weeks and months stretched out before us, so we can make our own soundtracks to isolation, and try listening to music that perhaps we previously ignored.

So, Day Four: Seal by Seal


For better or for worse, my overriding memory of this album is listening to it on my Sony walkman while I revised for my GSCE exams.

This album had the ability to transport me to another word, a cooler, more optimistic world, where I wasn’t a lonely, unhappy and awkward teenager, but instead could hang out in some kind of undefined cooler place, with happier people who enjoyed listening to The Beginning as much as I did.

I later upgraded my tape to a CD, and still listen to it today on Spotify. Seal’s voice is amazing, and the songs on here are so uplifting.

Listen to it on Spotify:

Click for Day One, Day Two and Day Three

19 thoughts on “Twenty Albums in Twenty Days: Day Four

  1. One of my favourites from 1991, and Seal quickly became an artist I avidly bought everything they did. Love how your picture of the album includes the “hype” sticker that was on the original CD. I (foolishly) replaced a lot of my slightly worn CD cases over the years, so when I spotted a nice copy of this CD in a “3 for £1” deal shortly before the world stopped in March, I thought “yeah, I’ll grab that…just to have an original case again”. I know, sad!

    However…yes there’s a point to this….unbeknown to me, this “3 for £1” copy wasn’t the same version of the album that I’d known for almost 30 years. There were two mixes released in 1991…for some reason Warners put out an early/wrong master of the album, and replaced it soon after. You can tell which version you have by a few things…the running time is quite different..about 3-4 minutes shorter, and the mixes of many songs are different. The tiny matrix code on the inner ring of the disc has an extra “2” digit.

    I’d even say that I might prefer this second version.

    Ramble over!

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