This week we’re reading…

Here in the UK it’s the school holidays (we have two weeks off for Easter).

It is a much needed break from the awful combo of home learning and working from home.

Part of the fun of this freedom is to read whenever we like.

We’ve had impromptu story sessions in the tent in the garden, I’ve been reading to my kids during bathtime, and of course, at bedtime as usual.

This week, my nine year old has been enjoying this:


Frostheart by Jamie Littler is, as the cover says, “a feast for the eyes and the imagination” with wonderful illustrations throughout and an engaging story. Our hero, Ash, sets out on a mission to find his missing parents, accompanied by his Yeti guardian, venturing out across the dangerous snow seas. Highly recommended.

Meanwhile, both the six year old and nine year old are enjoying having this read to them, one chapter at a time:


Who knew that Jo Nesbo wrote children’s books as well as Scandi thrillers? Not I!

So yes, Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder by Jo Nesbo¬†is as hilarious as you would imagine. I mean, don’t all kids find farts funny? In this tale, a fart powder has been invented that’s strong enough to blast people into space…

What  are your kids reading this week?

Comments are welcome!

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