Twenty Albums in Twenty Days: day 19

OK, so I’ve been doing this Twenty Albums in Twenty Days thing on Facebook, but I figured, what the hell, we’re in lockdown so I might as well share those albums on here, too.

I mean, now is as good a time as any to listen to music, right?

We have weeks and months stretched out before us, so we can make our own soundtracks to isolation, and try listening to music that perhaps we previously overlooked or had forgotten about.

So, Day 19: Life Is Easy by Bright Light Bright Light


And so we return to my favourite Welsh pop star, Bright Light Bright Light.

AKA Rod Thomas, Bright Light Bright Light is sort of like the male Robyn. His music is dance floor beats and heartache, with retro 90’s sounds thrown in the mix.

Check out his website

Listen here

Day One: Dirty Computer

Day Two: Heartbreaker

Day Three: Upstairs At Eric’s

Day Four: Seal

Day Five: Dirty Mind

Day Six: Actually

Day Seven: World Clique

Day Eight: Santigold

Day Nine: Trouble In Paradise

Day Ten: Happiness

Day 11: Homogenic

Day 12: Body Talk

Day 13: Adeva

Day 14: Best by Far

Day 15: Chris

Day 16: Overpowered

Day 17: Night Work

Day 18: Flesh Tone

What are you listening to today, then?

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