Lockdown Life: I cut my own hair

We’re about to enter Week Six so it was time for a haircut.

There’s something quite comforting to know the whole nation is stuck at home and facing the same problem: how to cut your hair when all the barbershops and salons are closed.


Amazon had sold out of all the reasonably-priced-non-professional hair clippers but my wife managed to get us one on ebay.

I used to cut my own hair back in the day, when I was a twenty-something and had a shaved head. That was always an easy, no-fuss experience with little or no skill actually required.

Cutting my two sons’ hair was quite a challenging prospect. And cutting my own hair when I do not sport a shaved head is also a different story.

However, I set up a garden chair outside, used an old sheet for a cape and invited my  sons in turn to take a seat. They came willingly and were amused by the whole experience.

Luckily, their hair turned out just fine.

Next it was my turn. I needed mirrors so I retreated to the bathroom, took off my shirt and got down to business!


I was pretty pleased with my efforts – it didn’t turn out too badly.


I definitely miss visiting my barbershop, but armed with my trusty clippers I know I can survive this lockdown!

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