Bedtime Stories revisited

On hearing the news that Madonna’s 1994 Bedtime Stories album reached the top of the US iTunes chart this week (I must admit I wasn’t sure if iTunes was still a thing) I thought this album was worth revisiting, some twenty-six years after it was released.


I remember enjoying it at the time, even though I didn’t particularly like the singles. In fact, I much preferred the remixes.


First up, this 1995 Orbital mix of the title track, Bedtime Story. The track is vastly improved and transformed into a dance classic.


Next, the Some Bizarre Single Mix of Secret, which I prefer to the album version.


My favourite album track is this one, Sanctuary.

Oh, and here’s the classic video for Human Nature. I never really liked the song but thought the video was amazing.

Further reading: Pitchfork album review, Albumism retrospective, and Vice article.

Stream the album here:




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