Lockdown Life: catch-up #4

Week 8 of lockdown and Boris Johnson and the government seem as confused and as ineffective as ever.

Things at home, however, have been pretty great.

Plants are growing (tomatoes, carrots, and squash, all of which need bigger pots soon).


I’ve kept the kids happy with these brilliant drawing tutorials from Rob Biddulph, called #DrawWithRob. They are so much fun!

We tried this one first:


And then I had a go at a self-portrait…



We spent the warm weekend camping in the garden…


…and have been going on lots of walks in the village.


Last Friday was an additional bank holiday in the UK to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. While we didn’t really need an extra day at home, it was bliss relaxing in the garden all together – my wife, the kids and I – without having to work or focus on school work. We even got some bunting out, and it was warm enough for the kids to play in the paddling pool!


It’s our youngest child’s birthday today – our first major celebration while under lockdown. Obviously this isn’t how we pictured spending his birthday, but we’re determined to make it the best we can. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Meanwhile, how’s your lockdown going?

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