Traveling Back In Time: Japan, 1994

As we can’t really go anywhere at the moment, I thought I’d go back in time and revisit travel experiences from my past.

First up: Japan, 1994.


Who remembers when we used to have actual plane tickets?


I went to Japan for a month during my gap year way back in 1994. I was nineteen.


I went to Japan just because I could. I had spent the previous summer in Israel, and made a Japanese friend when I was there. So I decided to go visit them.


I’ve already written here about my first week in Japan, when I explored Tokyo by myself. After that week, I headed north to visit my friend for the remaining three weeks.


Little did I know that five years later I would go back to Japan and live there for three years, working as an English teacher. It changed my life; but that’s another story.


In 1994 I was just a young nineteen year old man traveling around Japan, on the cusp of going away to university.

I had the world at my feet.

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