Music Monday: Josef Salvat’s Modern Anxiety

This week I discovered Josef Salvat’s music, thanks to his new album Modern Anxiety


Fortunately this isn’t his only work; he also has a previous album, Night Swim.


Here’s a quick introduction to some of his songs…

Till I Found You

This Life

In The Afternoon

Paper Moons

Modern Anxiety

What others are saying about the Modern Anxiety album: Simultaneously juvenile and remarkably profound The entire album is a beautiful assemblage of the ways we hurt, how we fall short, how we rise and how we begin again. There is a captivating dizzying quality when you listen, as if Salvat is transporting us to the inner bindings of his heart. There is inertia and there is quiet in the unraveling of the emotional.” “What he has delivered is a record that is heartfelt and tender, direct and emotionally challenging, while still sporting enough tricks and flourishes to fill the dancefloor with bangers to spare.”

Listen to the album here:

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