The 5 Best Duran Duran pop videos


Duran Duran emerged at the same time as the rise of pop music videos, and they were masters of the form.

These are five of their best 80s music videos.

Rio. I mean, how 80’s is this? A blue telephone on a boat? Wearing designer suits on a boat? The whole band on a boat? Pure escapism.

Save A Prayer. Simon Le Bon walking around in a suit on location in Sri Lanka, with Princess Diana hair.

Hungry Like The Wolf. This is basically Duran Duran meets Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Union Of The Snake. Looks like an 80’s Doctor Who episode mashed up with Mad Max.

Is There Something I Should Know? Also known as The Artsy Surrealist Video.

Well, they don’t make them like this anymore, eh? The 80’s were a glorious time to be alive.

Which is your favourite?

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